Where have you been (for the past 10 yrs)?

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Hey friend!

I’m sure you remember me because I definitely remember you! We used to do some sort of musical or creative endeavor together and we likely spent time playing music, singing, sharing stories, talking about faith, life, and family and I’m sure we laughed… A LOT!

One of the main things that has happened in the past ten years is it has been TEN YEARS since we talked! Or at least since I remembered to email you?! What was I doing? Well, you know raising kids, being married to the incredible Fe and working hard at a job I really enjoy. But it’s not a musical job (though sometimes it is… more on that another time) and I realized lately that I felt the drive to get some projects moving, and this one is at the top of my list.

While we’re counting the passage of time, it’s also been 7-8 years since I did anything with my Facebook Page or dnlwht.com blog. I’m really not sure how relevant either of those two places are anymore but I’m going to be using them (and possibly a couple of other platforms) in the coming weeks and months to start putting out some musical ideas, so stay on the lookout there if that interests you. I’m not only putting out musical ideas but I’d also like to begin sharing the lessons I’ve learned over the past 3-4 decades in music. Whoa… that was a little difficult to type but it’s the truth, I’m older than I was a decade ago.

I’m 45 years old now, and one of the things I want to start doing this year is GIVING AWAY what I’ve learned. I’ve been “in the room” for some truly valuable lessons from folks much smarter than me on topics like:

  • how to intentionally craft setlists
  • successfully working in bands
  • recording tips/tricks
  • putting together live shows and worship experiences
  • becoming excellent on your instrument(s)
  • songwriting
  • …and a ton of other things, but this list is long enough

I do have quite a few piano ideas to share as well but before I start putting all of those videos & posts out into the world, I wanted to give you the chance to Unsubscribe from this list if none of those topics or ideas are of interest to you.

Hey, I get it and I sincerely mean it! We all grow and change and I’m the one who took 10 years off 😅 I can promise you that I won’t be offended if you want to unsubscribe and honestly, some of the emails on this list might not even exist out on the Interwebs any longer either so I’m expecting a few of you to bounce right back to me.

Alternatively, if you think this email list might be something you’d enjoy, the best compliment you could pay me would be to stay put AND share it with one person who you think would benefit from it. 

You have about 2 weeks to jump off this email list before I begin producing more regular content and I hope to see you on the other side!


p.s. – I’ll take any and all questions at this email address. You might even help me build some of the content we put out. And, I really do answer my email! Well, mostly I do 😉

(I’m quite a bit shorter than the last time we chatted, ha! This photo was taken this Summer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison when we were on a school tour)

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