TMM #001: An Introduction

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Hi friend! 👋

Welcome to the first Monday Musician Newsletter from me, Dan White! If you’re receiving this it’s because you decided to stay on board for this journey or perhaps someone sent you to this page to sign up. Either way, thanks for being here!

This first week together is a bit of an introductory newsletter and you might be wondering to yourself “what is the Monday Musician?”. That’s a solid question and I appreciate that you’re curious, but it’s not quite the right question. The better question to ask is “who is the Monday Musician?” and that’s an easy one to answer…. because it’s YOU!

You are the Monday Musician. You’re the one who is doing wondrous things with this one life you’ve been given. I’m sure you’re tackling creative endeavors, writing songs, playing your instrument, releasing projects out into the world and inspiring others to do the same, right?

If so, then this is the perfect newsletter for you and I’d love for you to respond and tell me your success stories! But, what if you’re not doing any of those things?

What if another week has gone by and you feel guilty for not sitting down once with your guitar because you were too tired from doing your actual job, or you lost yet another amazing melody to the abyss of busyness, or you’re not feeling that same creative spark like you used to?

Well then this is also the perfect newsletter for you and I’d love for you to tell me which things you need help with or the frustrations you’re having. I promise that we all have those days, weeks, months, and even years of not being able to pursue our creative and musical dreams, and you are not alone!

In the next few issues I’m going to start out with some great musical tips and I can’t wait to share those with you. I’m so excited! But before we get started, would you consider doing one thing for me? And really, it’s for you…

If you haven’t played your instrument (your voice counts here too!) this week, would you find 5 minutes to play or sing a song that you love? It doesn’t have to sound perfect, but find one moment this week to stop, play and enjoy the music.

I’ve got a list of ideas to share with you, but this first week the focus is on youthe Musician. So, find 5 minutes for yourself and put something beautiful out into the world.

See you again next week.

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