Dig Deep, Day 4

You’ve made it this far and you might feel a little worn thin, but dig deep because you’re well on your way to having 5 new songs in one week! That’s seriously awesome and the time and effort you’re putting into this will be so worth it.

Now, while I am saying “Dig Deep” sometimes what you need to do is just pull on a simple little thread, and watch the mystery of the song unravel for you. So don’t stress out if you are finding it a little harder to write today. Go do something that refreshes your soul and don’t be surprised if that helps jog your creativity. If you need some ideas of things to do, hit me up, I’ve got a whole list.

Also, it may be worth reviewing a few of the reasons that you are doing this (see this post – Day 1) in the first place and that may help restore your drive to write.

As you’ve come to expect now, the form to submit your song is below. And please, let me know if you have any questions or if there’s something I can do to help. You can hit me up by either leaving a comment on the post or by emailing me HERE.

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