the 2012 edition of [5in5]


As I said Friday, [5in5] officially begins May 14th-18th, 2012!!

This year I’m hoping to have many people from all over the country & globe join us for the 2012 edition of [5in5].

Before I give you the rules, you are going to want to sign up for this event.

To do so simply comment on this post, email me, or send a smoke signal (if you’re so inclined) telling me that you’re in!


Now for the rules of [5in5] (via Aaron Ivey’s 7in7 rules):

1) you must start and finish 1 song every day for 5 days.
the goal is not to write 5 amazing songs”¦ it’s simply to start and finish a song to stretch your creativity and discipline as a writer.


2) old material cannot be used.
you can’t brush off the dust from an old song, or one that was started a while ago. it must be a brand new song. phrases & words from old journals can be used, but old songs or uncompleted songs cannot be used.


3) co-writing with a person (sorry no animals this year) is completely legit.
this really helped me get started last year and is something we highly encourage you to try at least once.


4) post the song in some public forum.
most people post their songs on a blog, youtube, facebook, soundcloud, etc. part of the beauty of 5in5 is forcing yourself to be vulnerable with your writing by putting it out there. plus, we’re all in this together.


5) if you’re on twitter, we can easily follow each other by using the hashtag #5in5.



1) guess what?? this spring/early summer I will be releasing an EP of new instrumental music!!

I have been writing for a couple months & have begun laying down tracks for this EP.

more details about this project will be coming VERY soon!


2) currently I have a video theory course I am developing for YOU.

this will be due out in early fall 2012.

while this initially may not sound super exciting, I can guarantee that this series will be one of the most beneficial courses you can watch & immediately apply to your playing.

I am going to personally walk you through a ton of secrets I have picked up from great musicians + answer any questions you might have, so start thinking about what you would like to ask.

woohoo!! I’m super-jazzed just thinking about how this is going to help you grow…

stay tuned… we are getting ready to have some serious fun!!


31 thoughts on “the 2012 edition of [5in5]”

  1. Yay! Excited about the theory course. I just messaged my sister and brother-in-law about 5in5; hoping they get in on it!

    1. Leslie,

      I am SO glad to hear that you’re interested because I have always felt bad about dropping the ball with some of my early endeavors/videos. I always felt you were one of the people interested & with such potential and I didn’t do a good job of being consistent with delivering things I had promised to post.

      Thanks for sticking around and I’m so glad to have you!

  2. Really?? Don’t feel bad! I’m thankful for what you have shared because you dont HAVE to! I hope you didn’t interpret my post as me saying I want to write for 5 in 5 cause that’s not really my area of giftedness ha! But… it is for Dianne and Tony, so I’m really gonna encourage them to do it. Dianne hasn’t written anything since she was at Hillsong and it would be great to hear what her and her new hubby can put together 🙂

  3. The EP sounds tremendous! Congrats and I am so excited to hear it… and call me a geek, but I do get excited about music theory, so I’m looking forward to that also!

  4. I’m gonna do it! I’m nervous, but I’m
    in. My husband’s gonna experience a whole new level of “crazy!”
    Guess I need to dust off the old Twitter account, too….

  5. This is going to be great! Dan you definately have a way of inspiring people to action with their gifts. Thanks!

  6. I wanna sign up! It sounds like nerve-wracking fun. And I can’t play an instrument, so it will probably be a cappella unless I find someone to collab with who plays, but yeah.

  7. Sorry, for the late notice, but I’m in… little nervous about posting songs, though. Thanks for the opportunity, Dan

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