Sunday [03.14.10] – Missions Conference In Review

Missions Conference Open 2010 from danieljohn on Vimeo.

Marc & Ruth Marques working with street children in Brazil. The Pinos, training young people and planting churches throughout the Philippine islands. The Painters, walking out daily life in now devastated Haiti and so many more that I hope to introduce you to. They all had so many stories and in the coming weeks I will bring you more details about these remarkable people and their lives of service and justice.

Below is our setlist for the week. We had a different choir with us each service, and on the last night had our youth band/orchestra play with us which made for an incredible time. Above is the video [made by one of our college students, James Powell] we used to open and close out this year’s missions conference. And below I have included all the main service setlists along with links to iTunes previews:

Women’s Home
1. (G) You You Are God
2. (A) New Song We Sing
3. (D) Desert Song
4. (C) How He Loves

Men’s Center
1. (B) Counting On God
2. (A) Glory To God Forever/Shout Unto God
3. (A) God With Us
4. (Bb) Reign In Us

Kid’s Choir
1. (G) One Way
2. (G) Happy Day
3. (G) No Sweeter Name
4. (D) Revelation Song

Youth Orchestra/Band
1. (E) Again I Say Rejoice
2. (D) For Your Name
3. (F) A Greater Song
4. (Eb) Glorify Your Name

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Sunday [11.08.09]

Welcome to the Sunday Setlist rundown. I’ll keep this short today (read: taking a nap) as we are starting some special meetings that start today and run until Wednesday evening. It was a good service this morning and we had a rather large crowd, with many visitors in town because of a wedding (for a lovely couple from our church) we held yesterday.

Worship went well, just not as great as I had hoped for. Don’t ask me what would have been great because I don’t have any actual criteria in place to measure this. It was just that feeling that things could have been a little more energetic, more engaged, more dynamic. But mostly, I think people were a little disengaged because we had a guest speaker and they were “curious” what he would be like. The speaker and I talked after service and he agreed that the people were a little reserved today. Regardless of all that, our band did a wonderful job, we enjoyed worshiping together, and here is the set for the day:

1. (F) Most High
2. (D) We Give You Glory
3. (E) Revive Us Again/Show Your Glory
4. (A) Shout To The Lord
5. (A) Agnus Dei

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Sunday [10.18.09] – interactive leading


Our first service today was excellent and I was extremely proud of our team. I have been talking with them lately about the importance of basic movements and being “themselves” while leading worship. Today, they did just that – they walked forward when they were leading a song, made eye contact (with each other and the congregation), smiled, and used their everyday normal expressions/movements to help people engage in worship a little more.

Now, most of you are probably already very expressive, but it has taken us a while to get to the point where we are starting to be ourselves on stage. I do realize that worship is a vertical expression towards an eternal God; however I see on a weekly basis that most people start out by looking “horizontally” at us on stage. For our band, when we are expressionless (or expression-little), it makes it difficult for people to move beyond us and actually ends up drawing more attention to ourselves. All that to say this – I was proud of how they did today and worship was great as a result. I’m curious – what do you do to interact with your congregation(s) and what are your thoughts on the subject?

You can see our setlists for the day (complete with iTunes link to the versions of songs today):

– 1st service –

1. (A) Your Grace Is Enough
2. (Ab) The New Song We Sing
3. (Bb) Fairest Lord Jesus
– Reading of Psalm 145:8-21 into –
4. (C) Doxology//All Creatures Of Our God & King//Alleluia (we do this song with a great rock groove, but this was one of the few correct versions of the song I could find on iTunes)

– 2nd service –

1. (B) Song Of Hope (Heaven Come Down)
2. (B) One Way
3. (F) So Great
4. (C) I’d Rather Have Jesus//How I Need You (awesome song, written by family – Ryan & Charity Long)
5. (D) Lead Me To The Cross

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Sunday [10.11.09]


Wonderful worship, awesome response from the congregation, and our pastor was back preaching again. A very full day for us and it was made even better as we were joined once by guest artist Steve Phillips on the saxophone. Below are the lists for the day (and all links will lead you to examples on iTunes).

The Recap:
We started the day with our rearranged version of “You’re Worthy Of My Praise”. The way we played it gave the song a new rock vibe and people seemed to appreciate the changes. **side note: I might use this song for the video lesson this week, so be sure and check back on Wednesday to hear & see the changes.** That song led nicely into “Everyday” which pulled from both Hillsongs & Lincoln Brewster’s influences. And then we transitioned nicely into some older but deeper songs of worship to end the morning. You can check below to see how we ended our setlist:

-1st service-

1. (F#) You’re Worthy Of My Praise
2. (B) Everyday
3. (G) All Who Are Thirsty
4. (C) Come Thou Fount
5. (C) What The Lord Has Done In Me

-2nd service-

1. (B) Counting On God
2. (C) Happy Day
3. (G) I Have Found
4. (G) Jesus Messiah
5. (E) Lord Of Lords // Revelation Song

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Well – here’s my first shot at a video lesson, and I promise that l will get better as this goes along. For instance, next time, I might even show you the piano keys as I’m playing (not sure why I didn’t think to record this). I think you’ll still get the idea I was trying to convey, and if you are wondering what the actual chords are you can download my arrangement of the chart for this video here.

When we played it live, we “gospelized” this song by having our drummer play a swing beat over a four-on-the-floor kick pattern and it came out great. Obviously, there are multiple variations that you could do, but that’s what worked for us. Have fun with this new arrangement of this old hymn, and if you have any questions about the song you can email me: dj (at) danieljohnmusic (dot) com

You can also view this video on a mobile device HERE

Victory from danieljohn on Vimeo.

Sunday [10.04.09]

I promised last week that I would be starting a Video Series and this is the week!! While I am no “worship ninja” nor am I New Song Cafe, I am very excited about the potential of this new project. My hope is to share new arrangements and songs with you in the coming weeks. However, having never done a teaching video before – it took me a bit longer to get it all edited and pieced together than I originally planned. So, Wednesday of this week this little project will release. Please stop back again THIS week and let me know what you think.

Now to the setlist – If you dropped by last week, you’ll know that our pastor just had surgery on his achilles and is out for 4-6 weeks while he heals (no pun intended). So this week we again had guest speakers in both services that brought good teaching to our church.

I really believe the worship this week was excellent. One of our younger drummers – James – really stepped up this week in the first service and played very solidly. This was one of the first times that I could tell he was acutely aware of the moments happening within the songs and pulling out the perfect feel/fill to correspond. Nicely done James!!

Overall, a very nice weekend of worship. Some deep & weighty moments in worship, a new song from the CompassionArt Project, and leading the second service with my lovely wife made for a great day! Below are the setlists from both services. All the songs are linked to iTunes (for purchase or preview). Enjoy!

1st service –
1. (Bb) How Great Thou Art
2. (G) Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)
3. (D) You Are My King (Amazing Love)
4. (B) Give Me Jesus
5. (C) He Touched Me

2nd service –
1. (E) For All You’ve Done
2. (F) Most High
3. (F) So Great // new song
4. (F) worship medley – // (F) Glorified// (G) Lover Of My Soul// (G) Forever//

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