sunday setlist [04.19.09]

Welcome to another installment of sunday setlists.  As always, this is a part of the worldwide interweb fun from over at Fred McKinnon’s site.

We had a good morning worship service at HACC and our congregation was very responsive. Today saw dead batteries everywhere, tempo fun, and a new song written in-house.  Just before going on stage, one of worship leaders’ batteries died (this is a plague upon us lately – possibly due to rechargeables) in his guitar.  We all quickly re-battery’ed up and were ready to start this set:

1. God of Wonders (A/B) – good song, we played it a little slow, but the thought behind it was to help our people jump in comfortably and warm-up.  Recently, we have been noticing that there are some mornings where we RUN past our congregation at the beginning of service.  So, we are trying not to leave anyone behind by entering around a 3 (on a 1 to 10 scale) before we rev the music up to 5 or more.  🙂

2. Everyday (B) – our obligatory Hillsong song – ha!  Actually, we have not done this song in a long, long time.  As such, it was well received and this helped us get moving closer to that 5.  Also, major props to our young drummer – James.  He found the perfect tempo on this song (which seemed to allude us all during practice) and just played it perfectly.

3. Knowing You (C) – an oldie, but a goodie.  Not much more to say on this other than it was a nice worship moment in the set.

4. Consume Me (E) – this was the new song we taught/sang this morning.  It was written by one of our newer worship leaders, Jordan.  It is encouraging to see our team begin to write and sing from the life they are walking with God.  Check back later in the week for the chart and mp3 of this song.

5. Bless The Lord (E) – We went straight out of the chorus of Jordan’s song into this older chorus –

“Bless the Lord, oh my soul

and all that is within me

Bless His holy name”

Then, near the end of singing this song, we key changed up to F, and everyone just seemed to go right UP (no, not that “UP” – but the same basic concept) with the intensity of the song.  It was a strong moment and felt as though our earlier “warm-up” helped bring along a large portion of our local house.  In my opinion, I think we ended up around a 7 on our little intensity scale (see song #1’s description for the explanation).

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment, or question, or just say hi.  And if you need more pretty things to look at online, then head over to Fred’s blog to see what other worship leaders and their teams are doing.  Have a wonderful Sunday and rest of the week!

15 thoughts on “sunday setlist [04.19.09]”

    1. @jason – we had a great “batch” of rechargeable batteries last year that was amazing, but we just recently replaced them with a set that causes too much stress. we’re probably going to have to go back to the regular ones, so I’ll be hitting you up for that supplier.

      for everyone else, if you have never been to Jason’s blog you gotta go check it out. he’s a genius at lighting, sound, and all things creative. go check him out and say hi.

  1. Hey Dan!
    I always enjoy reading your sets and how your worship went. I loved the aspect of going a little slower at the beginning. Great insight! Something I think we should take a look at here. Looking forward to hearing Jordan’s song.

  2. It got really funky for us here too. Keyboard wouldn’t power up. It’s a good thing that most Korg things are similar. Vicki used Danna’s Karma and Danna stuck with the Motif. Not as full a sound but workable. Great set! The last time we did Everyday it was Lincoln Brewster’s version off the live album.

    1. @brad – so sorry for your troubles, but glad to hear you found a workaround. I’ll be by in a bit to see what you guys did down in Texas yesterday.

  3. Hey Dan, I’ve been going to click on this for several weeks now and FINALLY did it! I enjoyed reading about your worship! Makes you seem not so far away!! Cool idea! Love you guys!!

    1. @janaki – I actually hadn’t either, until about a year or so ago when I was listening to a Watermark CD and they tagged that onto the end of one of their songs. You can get that song here – Also, thanks for stopping by!

  4. @cheri (my mom) – I learned that concept from a live music producer named Tom Jackson. I’ll send you a link to his stuff because he is very insightful.

    If anyone else is interested, just post on here and I’ll send you an email with his information.

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