sunday recap [04.26.09]

Welcome to another weekly installment of Sunday setlists as part Fred McKinnon’s blog party. We had a great morning today with another one of our bands in training. The morning was very powerful even though I made a last minute switch and threw in the old song “He Touched Me” by Bill Gaither. I have been singing that song for a few days now and felt it would be a good fit for this week’s morning list and the response was overwhelming.

Our best transition of the morning was from “Glory” to “Need You Here”.  Here’s what we did – since “Glory” ends on the 4 chord in E (an A)  we all stayed on that chord for a few seconds.  Then, while holding a pad sound on the keys, I faded in a rhodes sound underneath and as it was established, the band all kicked into “Need You Here” which just happens to be in A.  Just this simple hold and sound change caused a very easy key change for us.  Plus, we did not distract our congregation with an abrupt change, but a seemless transition helped this moment to not drop.

This morning we only had 2 lead singers, plus myself and band, which made for nice tight harmonies.  Kendra, one of the best part singers I know, lead “Glory” and “He Touched Me”; while Farah Abu Saada, our wonderful soprano this morning, (sidebar:  she is also the sister of Ben (from Overland Park, KS)) did an incredible job on “Need You Here”.  Overall, the congregation’s response was very strong to the entire set.  Below is our setlist and you can click the titles for links to iTunes.

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1. Meet With You (A) by Lamont Hiebert
2. Glory (E) by Reuben Morgan/Hillsong United
3. Need You Here (A) by Reuben Morgan/Hillsong United
4. Your Name (Bb) by Paul Baloche & Glenn Packiam
5. He Touched Me (Bb) by William J. Gaither

(last week I promised to post a song written in our house, but have not done it yet.  Be looking for the chart and mp3 to “Consume Me” this week, as we attempt again to get it up.  thanks, dj)

5 thoughts on “sunday recap [04.26.09]”

  1. Daniel,
    You are so right when you talk about not being distracting with transitions…that has been one of our most difficult tasks as a new worship team. One way around it that we found has worked for us, is not necessarily using the normal intro to a song, but instead start on the bridge or chorus instead. Doesn’t always work, but when it does it sounds great. Nice set!

  2. Great to see a classic like “He Touched Me”. I’m feeling “urged” to include it in an upcoming set.


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