Sunday [11.08.09]

Welcome to the Sunday Setlist rundown. I’ll keep this short today (read: taking a nap) as we are starting some special meetings that start today and run until Wednesday evening. It was a good service this morning and we had a rather large crowd, with many visitors in town because of a wedding (for a lovely couple from our church) we held yesterday.

Worship went well, just not as great as I had hoped for. Don’t ask me what would have been great because I don’t have any actual criteria in place to measure this. It was just that feeling that things could have been a little more energetic, more engaged, more dynamic. But mostly, I think people were a little disengaged because we had a guest speaker and they were “curious” what he would be like. The speaker and I talked after service and he agreed that the people were a little reserved today. Regardless of all that, our band did a wonderful job, we enjoyed worshiping together, and here is the set for the day:

1. (F) Most High
2. (D) We Give You Glory
3. (E) Revive Us Again/Show Your Glory
4. (A) Shout To The Lord
5. (A) Agnus Dei

As always, thanks for stopping by and check out Fred McKinnon’s site HERE to see what other churches and teams are doing around the country. Be sure to come check out the free video section on Friday, as we will be posting a new video. Have a great week!

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  1. Which Give You Glory is it? We do one by Jeremy Camp, but it’s called We Give You Glory. Looks like a good set. I know what you mean by having a guest speaker. Apprehension is not the same as expectancy.

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