Sunday [11.01.09] – daylight savings fun

All I am going to say is that the technology I live with is now “officially” smarter than I am. We literally awoke (VERY REFRESHED) to the fact that everything we had set back one hour had also automatically set itself back one hour too. So yes, I fell back 2 hours instead of 1 which then caused our band to miss it’s rehearsal time. But even with my technological craziness, we were able to throw a quick rehearsal together in a back room, and worship was still wonderful because we were with God.

Below are our setlists for the day w/ links to iTunes:

– 1 –

1. (F) Forever
2. (Ab) Radiance
3. (Ab) O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing
4. (E) How Deep The Father’s Love For Us
5. (C) I Surrender All

– 2 –

1. (Ab) We Cry Out
2. (B) Glory To God Forever
3. (B) Jesus Paid It All
4. (B) Glorified // Glory To God Forever
5. (C) Let It Rain

If you would like to see what other churches and worship leaders are doing each week, stay on the internet for a few miles, and then take your first left down to Fred McKinnon’s site. Also, if you haven’t take advantage of our video series for keyboard players, come check it out HEREIT’S FREE! Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Sunday [11.01.09] – daylight savings fun”

  1. Love your sets man. I’ve been wanting to do “We Cry Out” what version do you do? Thanks for your comments Daniel. Many blessings…HL

  2. Okay, being late on “fall back” day is just…well, that’s funny. That’s for admitting it so freely!

    Hey, do you do the verse on “Let It Rain”, or just the chorus? I originally heard this song on Michael W. Smith’s first “Worship” CD, with just the chorus, which was awesome. Then I was in Pittsburg one year and heard a verse, which we’ve done since.

    Thanks for taking the time to post between services. That must get tricky some weeks.

    1. Harold – great question. Yes, we do the verse after I accidentally happened to find it. I was trying to track down who wrote it (for CCLI purposes) and found out it had more than just the chorus. Jordan led it tonight and it went great. We started it very laid back with just guitar and a pad (on the keys) and built it until it was really driving at the end. Then we brought it back to being just piano and guitar at the end and it was a powerful moment in the service.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Gary – the song went great!! For examples of people’s comments check out last week’s post here. We have had so many positive responses and people keep telling me how much they enjoy it. Thanks again for the chart and for sharing your gift with us Gary.

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