Sunday [10.11.09]


Wonderful worship, awesome response from the congregation, and our pastor was back preaching again. A very full day for us and it was made even better as we were joined once by guest artist Steve Phillips on the saxophone. Below are the lists for the day (and all links will lead you to examples on iTunes).

The Recap:
We started the day with our rearranged version of “You’re Worthy Of My Praise”. The way we played it gave the song a new rock vibe and people seemed to appreciate the changes. **side note: I might use this song for the video lesson this week, so be sure and check back on Wednesday to hear & see the changes.** That song led nicely into “Everyday” which pulled from both Hillsongs & Lincoln Brewster’s influences. And then we transitioned nicely into some older but deeper songs of worship to end the morning. You can check below to see how we ended our setlist:

-1st service-

1. (F#) You’re Worthy Of My Praise
2. (B) Everyday
3. (G) All Who Are Thirsty
4. (C) Come Thou Fount
5. (C) What The Lord Has Done In Me

-2nd service-

1. (B) Counting On God
2. (C) Happy Day
3. (G) I Have Found
4. (G) Jesus Messiah
5. (E) Lord Of Lords // Revelation Song

Hope your day was great and thanks for stopping by. Make sure you swing by Fred McKinnon’s site to see what other’s are doing in their houses of worship.

7 thoughts on “Sunday [10.11.09]”

  1. Man, I miss you guys! Looks like we both had good sets today. I know God is still doing amazing things up there. As soon as some of our recordings are mixed I make sure you get to hear them.


  2. Sounds like you had a great morning Dan. Evan has been telling everyone about fighting with you over the box of Twinkies. He evidently believes this to be one of the cooler experiences he’s had recently.

    I am really looking forward to seeing you instructional video this week – you may inspire me to actually work at being a keyboard player!

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