Sunday [08.30.09]

I have taken a little break from Sunday Setlists the past two weeks as I have been busy between studio work, office hours, and leading our worship department. But this week, I’m jumping back in. Unfortunately, during my absence, I missed the opportunity to introduce/welcome one of my friends and mentors, Harold Forbis. He has recently joined in the setlist blogging over at Fred McKinnon’s site, so be sure to stop by Harold’s site to meet him, see his setlists, and check out his teachings as well. Now for the setlist fun…

We started off our Sunday evening service with Let It Rise as a slow chorus (with lots of keys/synth pad) and then kicked it up for a night of high-energy praise! We introduced Shout Praise (from CompassionArt – a great project!) and the congregation jumped right in and learned it quickly. At the end of the song, we accelerated into Shout Of The King and then ended it with a loud shout. It was a powerful moment for our church and it stretched them to continue their praise as the band dropped out. This continued on for a little while (again, definitely a stretching moment for our church family) and from there, we went into a great time of being with God in worship. Below is our setlist for our evening service and all the links will take you to previews of the song. Be sure to check out the video (below) of another church leading “Shout Praise”. It’s a great song and one you may want to consider in your upcoming setlists.

1. (F) Let It Rise

2. (G) Shout Praise

3. (G) Shout Of The King

4. (G) Everlasting God

5. (D) At The Foot Of The Cross

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to say hi, leave a comment, question, or just enjoy reading through our setlist. Be sure to check out Fred’s site and have a great week!

– danieljohn

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