Sunday [03.14.10] – Missions Conference In Review

Missions Conference Open 2010 from danieljohn on Vimeo.

Marc & Ruth Marques working with street children in Brazil. The Pinos, training young people and planting churches throughout the Philippine islands. The Painters, walking out daily life in now devastated Haiti and so many more that I hope to introduce you to. They all had so many stories and in the coming weeks I will bring you more details about these remarkable people and their lives of service and justice.

Below is our setlist for the week. We had a different choir with us each service, and on the last night had our youth band/orchestra play with us which made for an incredible time. Above is the video [made by one of our college students, James Powell] we used to open and close out this year’s missions conference. And below I have included all the main service setlists along with links to iTunes previews:

Women’s Home
1. (G) You You Are God
2. (A) New Song We Sing
3. (D) Desert Song
4. (C) How He Loves

Men’s Center
1. (B) Counting On God
2. (A) Glory To God Forever/Shout Unto God
3. (A) God With Us
4. (Bb) Reign In Us

Kid’s Choir
1. (G) One Way
2. (G) Happy Day
3. (G) No Sweeter Name
4. (D) Revelation Song

Youth Orchestra/Band
1. (E) Again I Say Rejoice
2. (D) For Your Name
3. (F) A Greater Song
4. (Eb) Glorify Your Name

As usual, this Sunday Setlist is a part of the worship confessional/carnival hosted at the Worship Community.

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