Stop Songwriting!

I am exhausted. Last week was a beautiful, tough, exhilarating, difficult, eye-opening, and exhausting experience.  Each 5in5 brings new creative ideas and helps highlight thoughts I do not always realize I have rumbling around inside my soul, but it is always a long week.

Next Tuesday, I’m excited to share what happened in my week and to hear what happened in your week too, plus I have some exciting follow-ups that I want to provide to you.


This week I am not writing songs at all. I’m going to be using my down time to refill before jumping back into songwriting and into these various ideas I want to bring you.

Last night I substitute taught a Rock Academy class, which was much more fun than work. And tonight I’m planning on getting in some exercise, watching the NBA Finals, and settling in with a good book to end the night. Basically activities that help refill me physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I cannot make you do anything, but I would highly encourage you to take a break from your music this week & find some moments to recharge and refill as well.

Next week it’s back to work and I hope to see you on Tuesday here at DNL WHT as we talk more about our stories and songs and next steps!

Have a great (restful) week!


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