saturday to-do list

I’ve been realizing lately that my best To-Do List Reminder is our kids’ memory. I’ll explain: all I need to do, if I want to be held to really doing a task, is to tell the kids we are going to do a certain task/adventure and they will not forget. So last night I told them we would wash the van. Needless to say, I have been hounded by questions about who is washing which specific part of the van, who is in charge of the sprayer, and various other important car-washing questions.

So me and my little monkeys…er…kids are off to enjoy the day (and each other) while getting some work done.

What things are on your Saturday To-Do List?

2 thoughts on “saturday to-do list”

  1. Ha, that is funny. Our Saturday to-do list was working up trees that got knocked down by the storm. Also throw in one trip to Heartland to pick up Marissa, and two trips to Edina for chainsaw repair and pickup.

  2. wow – were you hack(sawed)? 🙂

    yeah the car wash was where we started and then we ended up weeding, cleaning the garage and various other chores…but no tree cleanup. you guys are weekend warriors!

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