sunday setlist [04.12.09]

Thanks for coming stopping by from Fred McKinnon’s blog.  Here’s the setlist we put together from our Easter morning:

(click the song titles to hear samples of the songs)

1. There Is A Redeemer (B/E) – We started the day very differently than we normally do.  We began this worship song while everyone was still coming in and being seated.  I sang the first verse of this song, and then my son, Jesse, sang the chorus. He sang it beautifully, and then we key changed into E and sang the chorus together.  Hopefully we conveyed a small picture of the Father and Son and the importance of the power of their relationship on this Easter Sunday.

2. My Redeemer Lives (Hillsong kids version) w/ My Savior Lives (E) – As we began this, our kid’s choir came in from the side and helped my wife, Felicity, to lead us all in worship.  Then, we kicked into the bridge from My Savior Lives and finished off by singing the chorus from My Redeemer Lives. This transitioned nicely into the next song.

3. God So Loved The World (E) This was another song we found from Hillsong Kids’ CD Tell The World.  This is an older Hillsong song, but it went very well and just restates in its lyrics, what John 3:16 tells us – that “…God so loved the world that He gave His only Son…”  This was a very powerful moment as we finished this song and then sang again the chorus of There Is A Redeemer to close out this first half of our worship service.

4. Jesus Paid It All & Before The Throne (B)Before I describe this part of the service, I’ll just say that we were looking to include some hymns this morning so that we covered the full spectrum of what helps our multi-generational congregation worship.  So we included these “modernized hymns”.  One of our altos, Molly, led Jesus Paid It All and did a great job with it.  I picked up the new bridge and then went directly into the chorus of Before The Throne.  If you have not yet tried this song, you should at least consider it.  The verses are pure hymn truth-y goodness followed by a compellingly, simple chorus.

This morning was a beautiful time of remembrance and celebration in our church.  Personally, I was moved to be able to sing with my young son and lead our church in worship together.  It was a powerful moment for me as a father – looking ahead to the day when Jesse will fully come to realize the Truth of whom we sang about this Easter morning.  This was our worship service  – how was yours?

sunday setlist [04.05.09]

Sunday Setlist – 04.05.09

Well, as you can see – I am working on getting this blog up and fully-functioning, but I thought I would at least post a Sunday setlist.  We had a good palm Sunday morning at Heartland Academy Community Church.  Initially it seemed that people were a little scarce this morning, but then I remembered that a large group from our congregation is on a missions trip to Egypt.

So here’s the rundown today –

1. evermore  (g) – One of our other worship leaders that we are training led this Hillsong semi-oldie.  It is a great tune to play.  I love the half-time bridge on this song because you can really build it for a nice worship moment, or use it to contrast the uptempo chorus.  People really jumped into this song and it worked well as it lead into…

2. surrender (g) – I remember when the Surrender cd first came out  with classic worship songs like You Are My King, All Who Are Thirsty, Hallelujah Your Love Makes Me Sing.  We did this a little more upbeat than normal, but it worked well and we used it as a medley with our 3rd song.

3. i surrender all (c) – This was lead by Kathie, one of our altos and she did a great job leading this.  Our church really enjoys hymns, and this one was no exception.  Rich in theology and a good conclusion to our set before we stopped and did announcements.

4. he is exalted (g) – Ridden with mental mistakes by me, this still managed to be a great moment for us.  We normally do this song a little like Shane & Shane; however, we did not schedule an acoustic guitar player (mistake #1) and we did not have another guy to sing the cool harmonies this song provides (mistake #2).  Regardless of my lack of foresight, the congregation knew this song well and was able to get past my cutting to just voices (mistake #3) and it feeling like all hope for rhythm was lost.  Again, this just helped solidify for me, that worship is not so much about my mistakes and shortcomings as it is about His greatness.  I was glad for being able to make a joyful NOISE.  🙂

5. jesus, lover of my soul  (g) – we finished the set with this song and then spontaneously cut over to the chorus of I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever. It took a few moments to build, but we ended up having a great time of worship with this song.

On a little different note, every Sunday morning, we are attempting to train our younger, less experienced musicians.  Our goal is to help them gain confidence and experience.  This morning was no exception, and I was very impressed with their ability to keep up, even with the multiple mistakes (by me, not them) and song changes.  This morning was a very good sign that we are growing and getting better in our skills and our ability to lead worship with our various instruments.  Good work team!

Thanks for checking out our set.  Feel free to to leave a comment, ask a question, or just peruse this almost-put-together website.  And,  be sure to swing by Fred’s blog to see what other teams & churches were singing this weekend.