Listening Party!

Let’s have a listening party this week! And before you run off thinking this will not be fun, or sounds like more work than you want to do, I promise that it will be beneficial AND worth your time!

The truth is we all make plenty of mistakes, like my triple jump failure that I posted on Facebook last night

… and which my Mom so beautifully captured. We know that it does not take much for us to feel like we failed at something or to get a week or two out from an event like 5in5 before that negative talk starts up inside our brains.

But we can change this by not believing these lies rolling around upstairs, AND by getting outside of ourselves to help others who might be facing these same feelings. So I propose that we join forces and throw a listening party!

Here is how simple it is for both songwriters & casual listeners…

For 5in5 Songwriters – Start at the Day 1 Post HERE and find your name in the list. Click on the link of the songwriter directly above you and listen to their song. Please leave them a quick constructive, encouraging comment and then go back to the Day 1 Post and click on the link of the songwriter below you. If you happen to be last (or first) in the column then just go back to the top (or bottom) of the list to make sure everyone receives a listen and a comment.

For Casual Listeners – Start at the Day 1 Post HERE as well, but find a songwriter (or 2) that you are interested in listening to. Click on their link, listen to their song and leave a brief encouraging comment for them. If you’re up to listening to 2 songwriters a day, go for it, because who doesn’t love hearing words of encouragement… especially when you put your art on display.

For Everyone – Once you have started listening, come back to each morning and proceed to the next day’s list of songwriters to continue this exercise and to encourage those who wrote during 5in5.

Pretty simple to make a difference by listening and leaving a positive comment!


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