day 1 – [5in5]

back to found
by felicity & daniel john

when i’m going down
and death is at my door
others look and fear
but i cannot afford
why can’t i afford?

with you my life has been so sweet
you see the better man in me
gotta bring more than this to take me down
with your love i’m fighting back to found

when i’m standing still
trapped behind fear’s door
i’ve given up too much
i won’t give up anymore
won’t give up anymore

back to found by danieljohn

copyright 2011

18 thoughts on “day 1 – [5in5]”

  1. I hear this one backed with a brass quartet and harmonica for sure, maybe some strings also? Not sure what sound you are going for, but that’s what I hear in it. I like it.

  2. So proud of you all! I told Dan this morning that this production (even though all the songs came streaming in shortly before midnight) proves that art needs discipline! Yay – only 4 more to go.

  3. I’m really proud of you for getting this going, Dan. Artists often need strong encouragement to put ourselves out there. I hope this is only the beginning for each of you.

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