5in5 anyone?

Before we start talking about this year’s 5in5, I have a quick quote from my friend, Ben, to share with you. On his blog the other day he had this to say:

Learning and growing should feel like [an]…attack on our own assumptions. It should leave us feeling overwhelmed, heads spinning, staggering to our cars… desperate for some alone-time to process this haunting new perspective. And then we go back and apply it, leaving us never the same.

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2 Minute Piano Lessons – The CHORD [part 3]


The 2 Minute Piano Lessons has returned & with it…the final lesson on The CHORD!


Next week we’ll move on to new concepts in our 2 Minute Piano Lessons. But, this week I have a few quick ideas to help you finish up using The CHORD.


PLUS in this video I’m giving you a secret riff (disguised as an exercise) that I use all the time on uptempo songs!

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[5in5] bonus session

I was blown away by everyone writings, listening, and commenting on [5in5] last week. It was a full week, but honestly such a rewarding week on many levels.

Wonderful to be writing all together, amazing to hear all the songs be written and put out there, and fun to hear the responses as people listened to things we had all created.

Today I am giving you the [5in5] bonus session – which includes 3 extras just for YOU!

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[5in5] – day 5

(check out the rest of the songs below!!)

time to fly
by daniel john

i was thinking of our children
all the advice that you & I would want to give
cause if something ever happened
want you to know you only get one chance to live

when you hit frustration’s wall
look up for the way above it all

it’s time to fly
time to soar
spread your wings
live the life
you were made for

you’ve heard that faith can move a mountain
so why get tangled up by simple fears
the distractions of these worries
will never add another second to your years

fly my love

© 2013 danieljohnmusic.com

[5in5] – day 4

(check out the rest of the songs below!!)

by charity long, felicity white, & daniel john

i have tasted and seen
stood before kings and queens
but nothing compares to your glory

try to walk away
but your love makes me stay
there’s no escaping your story

i remain
i will stay

i was ruined for less
even with some regrets
but nothing compares to your glory

these roots have gone deep
entangled but free
there’s no escaping your story

i remain
i will stay

© 2013 danieljohnmusic.com & longitudestudios