5in5 | day 5 |2016

Today is usually the day of this challenge that I stop caring about writing another song, cause 4 songs is just fine and I’m tired… but just imagine how amazing it will be to look back on this week and have 5 brand new songs that you have written!

This is not a new thought but I want to quickly challenge you on the power of the practice of writing. Think about your favorite songs, musicals, books, plays, movies, poems, etc. They make you laugh, they transport you, they challenge your thinking, and sometimes they have been known to change the tides of history. Imagine writing the documents which hold the very words our country was founded upon. There’s some serious pressure attached to penning the script a nation will be governed by for centuries.

That thought alone might make you want to quit writing, because how could we ever hope to be as good as the heroes that wrote our favorites, but hold on for one last thought…

The goal of 5in5 week was not for you to write the next Declaration of Independence in song form, though that would be an amazing feat; but for you to start to write regularly and then to rewrite even more regularly.

Today, don’t put pressure on yourself to produce something great. Go for simple – an easy melody, a light little chorus or even an instrumental piece that you’ll develop next week. Next week?! We’ll get there… stay tuned because day 5 of 5in5 is the start, not the end.

Happy writing and thanks for being a part of the challenge this week!!

5in5 | day 4 |2016

Every year that we do this challenge I always wonder if the next day I’ll be able to recreate the “magic” of the previous day. In fact, sometimes I dwell too long on the song of yesterday because I’m happy with how it turned out, or maybe just afraid I won’t be able to make something decent again today.

Go ahead and listen to your other songs one more time if needed, then press play on your writing for today. Don’t rewrite too much, record it and then let us hear your next creation… we can’t wait!!

Also thanks to everyone for joining in, regardless of when you took the plunge during this fun week of writing.

[5in5] – day 1

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a lullaby (for my kids)
by danieljohn

goodnight, goodnight
the day is coming to a close
i kiss your cheeks
then we rub nose to nose

goodnight, goodnight
I run my fingers through your hair
and listen closely
as you whisper your prayers

goodnight my dear
i will take all your fears
carry them far
far from your door
there’s no worries anymore

goodnight, goodnight
as your eyes close for today
i will see you soon
then you will hear me say

good morning dear
i will take all your fears
carry them far
far from your door
there’s no worries anymore

© 2013 danieljohnmusic.com


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be available to you

Here’s a quick story:

Recently a woman heard a podcast about a professional musician who had started mentoring other artists. This artist-mentor started by meeting with friends locally and then began leveraging the latest internet technology to help him meet and befriend artists across the nation. He was passionate about the artists he was working with. He was also very engaging as he spoke, so that evening the woman told her husband about the podcast she had heard.

He listened to it and after hearing it reached out to this artist-mentor via email. Within an hour the mentor had responded back and had scheduled a time for the two of them to start meeting regularly. Within the week they had their first chat & during the end of their first online video chat, the arist-mentor said, “I always want to be available to you, so here’s my cell # & my email address. If you ever need to talk, or just want bounce an idea off of me – I’m here.”

All of this took place back in April of this year and is the (very) condensed story of how I met my new friend Ramy Antoun. He and I have only recently met, but already he has been there for me consistently as a mentor, a friend, and someone who will just listen.

I know I’m lucky to have people like Ramy, my wife, my parents, and great friends that will listen and be honest with me. So, while I was thinking about all of that, this idea hit me…

I bet there are people out there like me who have wanted someone to hear their story, or listen to their idea, or be able to chat with someone who cares about what they have to say.

So this Friday, August 5th, I am doing something new. I am holding open office hours from 9:30am – 12pm and YOU are invited. All you need to do is email me <--[click the link] and we'll set up a time slot for us to talk online or by phone. You pick the topic, I'll give you any advice or thoughts I might have, but mostly I'll just be there to listen. I hope you'll sign up because I simply want to be available to you.