5in5 | day 2 |2016

Welcome back to day 2 of 5in5!

It’s a new day and your chance to start fresh. Maybe today is the day to try a new song style. Or maybe a great day for collaboration. Whatever you choose to spark your writing today, you’re going to do great and we can’t wait to hear what you put together.

Don’t forget to use the form (below) to add your links. And again, if you have any questions, let me know by either leaving a comment below or by emailing me HERE.

3 thoughts on “5in5 | day 2 |2016”

  1. I stupidly didn’t put my name on the link title – schoolboy error!! I’m just dying to get to sleep! I’m just really pleased I actually got another one done!

  2. Sorry, Dan! I sent my link, again, with my name. Double songs for today…. which means I’m off the hook for tomorrow.

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