5in5 | day 1 | 2015

Good morning, and welcome to 5in5 week! All songwriters are invited to join in the fun this week.

Your goal is to write 1 new song today before 12am, post an audio/video recording of your song online and then visit my site here – dnlwht.com – to provide us a daily link of where we can check it out.

Also, I’m SUPER EXCITED to announce the release of the 5in5 Songwriting Guide which is available for you to pick up today!

5in5 cover

You can find it here – https://gum.co/5in5-book – and I cannot wait for you to check it out because it is going to be an invaluable resource to you during the 5in5 week. Plus, many of you will find yourselves using the creative exercises and prompts well beyond this week as you continue your writing.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who dropped into the Google Hangout last week on Memorial Day! If you missed the chat it’s not too late. It is recorded and is still available to view HERE.

Have a great week and if you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments section below!


13 thoughts on “5in5 | day 1 | 2015”

  1. Yeah, you probably need to flush your browser cache because I’ve had multiple people check and they can all see the link box. If that still doesn’t work for you, you might try using a smart phone on a mobile network.

  2. The first upload is a dud. I miss-typed the address. The second link works. Geez, this has been a trip.

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