2 Minute Piano Lessons “The Super Riff”

Tuesdays are generally when people release new media, so today I want to release something new for you. I’m starting a brand new series of videos, just for you, called “2 Minute Piano Lessons” (or in this case 2:01…man, that’s killing the perfectionist in me…ahhh!).

Anyways, the lessons are right around 2 minutes long. So take notes, work on implementing this first lesson (of MANY more to come), & IF you like it please let me know in the comments below.


10 thoughts on “2 Minute Piano Lessons “The Super Riff””

  1. Love it. Pretty like Ruth said. Worked with my older piano students on it yesterday. I, too, shall practice. (Can’t let them get it before me!)

  2. So fun! Have been playing around with moving between the C, G and F chords. Can’t wait to add in the next thing!!

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