2 Minute Piano Lessons – The CHORD [part 3]


The 2 Minute Piano Lessons has returned & with it…the final lesson on The CHORD!


Next week we’ll move on to new concepts in our 2 Minute Piano Lessons. But, this week I have a few quick ideas to help you finish up using The CHORD.


PLUS in this video I’m giving you a secret riff (disguised as an exercise) that I use all the time on uptempo songs!

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Here’s the 45-sec. bonus video on my secret delay riff:



Now that you’ve watched the video are there any things I can answer for you?


Or if you need a question to get you started: Are there any video lessons that you would like to see from me in the future?


As always, thanks for stopping by & watching. I REALLY appreciate you!








14 thoughts on “2 Minute Piano Lessons – The CHORD [part 3]”

  1. Oh yeah, so cool. Wow, that delay changed everything! Is that like a standard keyboard feature that I just have to find on ours? Love the power chords, too. Great lessons. More, please! I’ll take anything. Hints on making fast songs sound cool would be good, but really – anything.

    1. Ruth, I’m not sure if that is on the Roland you all have, but there are some simple pedals/devices (that aren’t too expensive) that you can add to your keyboard to get that effect. Basically they take your piano and turn it into a rhythm guitar of sorts.

      Also, I’m glad you liked this lesson. On the next few we’ll be concentrating on ideas for fast songs – so this should work out great for you! 🙂

    1. You are welcome 😉

      I should have probably mentioned this somewhere in the lesson: the delay + that riff really fill out the sound without you having to be extra-busy. It’s a nice tradeoff… more sound for less work.

      I mostly just forgot to mention it, but that’s also because this lesson was more about the actual exercise/riff than it was about delay.

  2. I can easily reach octaves with my left hand. So my question is this: when I move from chord to chord in my right hand, do I continue to move in octaves in the left, or do I just play one note in the left hand as I move to different chords?

    Thanks for your help! 🙂

    1. I would initially start with just one note in your left hand, and then eventually switch to octaves as your right hand movement becomes easier.

      For now, just focus on your right hand while using one note in your left hand.

      Great question!

  3. Nice riff! I love using delay as a filler. Sometimes i feel like I’m cheating when i use it,… but it sounds so good! Awesome lesson!
    Thanks, Dan

    1. I hear you – it can be the “less is more” idea too. 😉

      I have started using delay at certain points during slow songs to make the sound “more driving”. I’ll show it to you sometime.

  4. OK Mr. Bionic hands. I am also fine with the octaves in my left. It’s my right pinky that can’t take the pressure! It could be I am on my piano and not a keyboard…? I just started playing the riff with the fifth and not the octave. Can’t wait to figure out the delay!

    1. I think some of it could be using muscles that you don’t normally use too 🙂

      Great work though – making it fit for your hand & style is the right way to go!!

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