2 Minute Piano Lessons – “The CHORD” [part 1]

I can’t tell you how IMPOSSIBLE it has been to get this video posted for you, BUT… it’s finally up & I think you will really enjoy this lesson!

The goal of this video is to teach you the basics of playing a POWER CHORD (which I’m calling The Chord)

Power chords are normally reserved for electric guitar players, but we are borrowing this idea to immediately enhance your playing.

After you learn this concept your playing will sound fuller, you will have confidence when you play an uptempo song, and it will cause you to have less unnecessary movement on the keyboard. I promise that with practice, this will dramatically change how you play a fast song. I guess what I’m saying is you’re about to add “AWESOME-SAUCE” to your skill set. It’s going to be fantastic!!

And, if you have any questions….PLEASE ASK. You can leave them in the comments below & I will be sure to respond quickly!



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