The truth is that I really did not expect this [5in5] project to take off like it has. In fact, as Felicity and I were talking it over this morning, we both had assumed that our little group of friends, artists, & songwriters would mostly post songs for each other to hear and comment on. My original hope was that each artist would be encouraged to write 5 songs with the help of the daily deadline. That was my prospect and it was enough motivation for me to start this up. I wanted to encourage us to write and put something out because we needed to do it. I needed to do it. I have known it since I heard this quote at the DreamYear Conference in January:

“80% perfect but out there will change lives more than 100% perfect but stuck inside of your head” – Jon Acuff

So we all took action & began writing the 80%. Then something surprising happened. YOU. Your encouragement, comments, facebook posts, song ideas, and emails have been so amazing. Thank you for listening to us and for prodding & applauding. This has been such a rewarding experience and I needed to stop today to say “Thank You” – from all of us!

I wanted to quickly update you too. To help keep this project better organized and more accessible for everyone (and due to the wonderful response) I have created a page dedicated to [5in5]. You can access it (with all the current links to the songs) up above in the menu bar or by clicking on the [5in5] music sessions picture in this post. Be sure and keep checking back because we are just getting started.

In fact, next week I will begin giving details for a brand new project that will begin here soon! I am not going to give you the details today, but I will tell you that it will be entirely different than the [5in5] music sessions. Come back next week for the run down because I think you are going to love what comes next….


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  1. I love this project. It does make me miss all of you though. If you decide to do a compilation CD, I would buy it.

  2. I would so buy a CD too. Whatever you need to do to make that happen, I would be willing to help with if I can.

  3. Thanks Dano! This is challenging and helping me think differently! Love the quote also. I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to writing. This is helping get that 80% out and not holding it all in until I have the 100%. And by the article that Felic posted, if we wait for the 100 we might not ever get anything out!!

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