Well – here’s my first shot at a video lesson, and I promise that l will get better as this goes along. For instance, next time, I might even show you the piano keys as I’m playing (not sure why I didn’t think to record this). I think you’ll still get the idea I was trying to convey, and if you are wondering what the actual chords are you can download my arrangement of the chart for this video here.

When we played it live, we “gospelized” this song by having our drummer play a swing beat over a four-on-the-floor kick pattern and it came out great. Obviously, there are multiple variations that you could do, but that’s what worked for us. Have fun with this new arrangement of this old hymn, and if you have any questions about the song you can email me: dj (at) danieljohnmusic (dot) com

You can also view this video on a mobile device HERE

Victory from danieljohn on Vimeo.