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Daniel John
For my project, I put together this gallery to display each creative’s project. Below you will find poetry, pictures, videos, stories and more. Be sure to click on the pictures & stories to see them in greater detail. And, if you would like to leave a comment please click on the individual names (which will redirect you to their specific website) to leave it for them there. Thank you to everyone who participated in M O S A I C!

“I wanted to do something outside my box. I’ve wanted to do a poster or blown-up photo or scrap-book kind of thing for my NYC trip, and I like to throw words around more chaotically than I do on my blog. So I put the two together. I scrap-booked a few images and a few words that I loved most from my NYC trip.”

Jay Michael
“I decided to do something I haven’t done before but always wanted to try. This picture is based off of a photo I took while in India. What makes this image fun for me is I made it using sugar on top of a dark piece of construction paper. So all the gradients were made by layering the sugar on top of itself.”

Carol York
“I completed this on Monday after attending the funeral for the Dad of one of my best friends. Another good friend lost his Mom last year. Two other friends each have a parent in the hospital with serious illnesses right now. It feels like we’re too young to be going through this, but I know we have a God who is in control.”

James Powell
“My inspiration was Tim Hughes cover art from his album Love Shines Through.”


A Beautiful Mess

Spiderman and Ironman live on the fridge.
Sippy cups chill out on the oven door handle.
Windows painted with greasy little fingerprints are
Draped with wrinkles from hide and seek.

The Indy 500? In the family room,
Right next door to the library;
Adjacent to the zoo.
Treacherous to oblivious bare feet!

Beware the Great White Shark,
Lurching, Ready to Strike!
Lying in the wake of pattering feet.

Spiderman and Ironman live on the fridge.


Lori Forbis

Trinity Haiku

Father in Heaven
Watches, knows, cares, loves us all
Run into his arms

Jesus on the cross
Death becomes Life eternal
He gave all, have you?

Holy Spirit given
To the church, an inner map
Showing the way home

Harold Forbis



Aundria Smith

Jessica Chartraw

Rebekah Youngblood

“[I] did a mindmap which I will use to stir myself up at a later date.”



kate elrod
I know this photo has a pretty high lovey dovey cheese factor, but i love it. (The hands are mine and Drew’s, and the skyline is Omaha…. fyi.)


Nathan Mayes


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