A Deeper Beauty

I was on a drive yesterday with my dad and we were talking about art, theology, liturgy, and God. It was a great time together and a wonderful talk. And then somewhere in the middle of it all we came to the point that art often unveils a deeper truth. Sometimes the art is just beautiful for beauty’s sake. Sometimes the art is pained or dark and reminds us of the turmoils we all encounter. While other times art provides us that euphoric happiness that we crave to own. It’s that hero-walks-off-into-the-sunset sort of feeling. The theologians around us would call this an “ontological” truth. Simplified = we enjoy the happy ending because we have a hope – to be a part of THE happy ending. It is based on the process that there must be a Something or a Someone deeper than us because we are. And because we are, there must be a Someone. It’s a very circular process.

But nonetheless I happened on this video today and as I was watching I remembered that ontological truth. I saw the deeper beauty. Unveiled through the beautiful chaos of an Icelandic volcano. Watch the video, see what the artist captured and keep your eyes open. He’s there.

There’s Someone deeper.


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