day 4 – [5in5]

about this song: Jesse wrote all the lyrics to this song after learning about our [5in5] challenge. He wrote the melody line and I wrote the piano part and helped on a few minor rhythms. He wanted to “summarize” the story of the Bible. I think he did well.

god’s favor

in the beginning
god created heavens and earth
he said i’m gonna give a new birth
gonna create a man
in my own image yeah!
i’m gonna call him man
and then name him adam
oh yeah adam
oh oh

then he talked to abraham
he said I’m gonna give you many sons
look at all the stars
and see how far it goes oh

i’m gonna do a favor
gonna send a savior
in your family yeah
in your family (x2)

then a small baby child
was born in a mild place
ooh yeah
you could see his little face
oh yeah
his little face

then he started to grow
learn about the holy ghost
later he was was crucified
all the ladies cried
for jesus had died
god even sighed

then they put him in a tomb
it was kinda like his own room
then it was opened
an angel sat on it
then the ladies came
the angel said
he’s not dead
oh yeah
he has risen
he went to heaven
it is finished

copyright 2011

22 thoughts on “day 4 – [5in5]”

  1. Wow, wow, wow! Awesome, Jesse! This is definitely a case of the apple falling not too far from the tree. I love to hear worship from pure-hearted boys; there is something so special about it!

  2. Way to go Jesse!!!! Harold & I think you need to put that song out so other kids can sing it too! (PS Dan, have you thought about doing a compilation CD of all the songs that are coming out of this?)

  3. Jesse, Grandpa and I listened to it together and we loved it! Of course, I cried watching you and your daddy singing and playing together! Thanks for writing such a fantastic song! You are such a good song writer and singer!! We are very proud of you! And….. We love you!

  4. Jess, I wish you had a facebook, and that facebook had a “Give Jesse a high five and a power hug” button. That was fantastic!

  5. That’s it! I am toast! I will never get this song out of my head in order to write one of my own today!
    This is awesome! The girls watched it with me and loved it. They wanted to watch it again and again and were singing parts of it after the second time. Way to go, Jesse! You did it, Man!

  6. Fantastic Job Jesse!!! I sat and watched this with my boy Levi (4 months old now) and he just giggled and smiled at it so he loved it too 🙂

  7. Jesse wanted me to tell you all – THANK YOU!!!!

    Your comments to him are so kind and he has felt very encouraged by you all as we’ve read through each one together. He and I have been talking about how you can affect people by being obedient to use the gifts God has given you. So “Thank You” from Felic & I as well.

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