Gungor Giveaway

Later this week I am taking my wife to a Gungor concert to celebrate her birthday.  To kick off the celebration, I thought it would be fun to post an interview I did last year with Michael Gungor regarding the release of his band’s album Beautiful Things.



Also, along with the interview, I will be GIVING AWAY 3 Beautiful Things/Gungor CDs!!  So check back here tomorrow to hear the interview and find out how you can enter to win one of my favorite CDs of 2010.



A Few Ways To Help [part 2]

I realize that Friday’s Post was a little intense but I wanted to truthfully share where I was living and hopefully challenge you too.  Today, as a follow-up to that post,  I wanted to share a few ways that I’ve come across that will allow you to help donate to people affected by the recent natural disasters around the world.

Ever since the earthquake in Japan occurred, I have been receiving daily emails from various friends and groups with possible ways to donate.  I thought I would share a few of them here.  Some involve purchasing a product (whose proceeds go to the Red Cross) while others are purely donation-based.  Please click the pictures below to see more of the details and to visit these various sites.


  • from Mighty Wallet



  • from The Salvation Army



  • from Hillsong (for victims of the flooding) –




  • from Puremagnetik (check this one out if you’re a musician) –



  • from




  • from ShelterBox USA



  • from the American Red Cross



  • or you can Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10


I’m sure you know plenty of other ways to donate (and please feel free to list them below in the comments), these are just what I’ve come across so far.  I wanted to make sure and post these for those who are wanting to do something for those who have lost so much. Thank you for looking through these options and stopping by the blog.


monday morning musings [02.28.11]

thoughts from the weekend:

  • Enjoyed my time in Fort Wayne last night at Imago Dei. Great to be with everyone on the trip & got to play with my drummer, Jayrod, which is always a great time.
  • The Rutherford’s, who were our pilots last night, are amazing. And THIS was the size of the hail when we landed last night. Golf ball sized.
  • Wrote a cool birthday-ish song 2 weeks ago for my sister Steph ON her birthday.  I wanted to post it for her (and you) Friday but our kids have been fighting the flu and that took precedence. Hoping to have it out by Wednesday.
  • Over Christmas Felic & I saw some great Omaha photography at a local Stabucks.  Went to the photographer’s site this past week & fell in love with his work.
  • Curious to see how this new church presentation software – Proclaim – works.  I could see multiple ways to use this software besides a service setting.
  • Got my newest Toms (Christmas gift) this past week! I need it to warm up because wearing them with socks doesn’t feel right.
  • Received some demo songs from worship leader friends Ruth & Jason this weekend.  Excited to sit down and listen to/work on the songs this week. I am a fan of collaboration and can’t wait to see how they turn out.
  • If you are a creative, you should seriously look into Behance’s ACTION METHOD software (FREE).  It is helping me conquer my less-administrative side and getting my to-do’s checked off daily.
  • This photo rocks me everytime I see it.  Powerful image & grateful for those who protect & serve our country!
  • My friend (and brother-in-law) Ryan Long has two short films that were accepted into the Omaha Film Festival and will be showing this weekend! They are called “Sidewalk Chalk” & “Potluck”.  Both amazing & well produced.  Congratulations and good luck Ry!!
  • Be on the lookout for a music giveaway later in March.  More details as we get closer to the date!



quick thoughts [02.23.11]

Just a few quick thoughts today:

  • Getting ready (setlists, scheduling, rehearsals, etc.) for our upcoming Missions Conference 2011.  The next 2 weeks will be busy but great.
  • Enjoyed this funny story from my father-in-law the other day.
  • Have a Kindle or one of their apps? You may want to check out this book/deal Poke The Box from Seth Godin.  I did yesterday.
  • Would you like to hear a new song I wrote?  I’m thinking of making a quick video of it over the next couple of nights. I’m self-imposing a deadline by this Friday so feel free to ask me about it – it helps!
  • Speaking of videos, I started a series on creativity last year, but got sidetracked.  Restarting that series after the conference.
  • Thanks to taxes, Felicity & I are out of credit card debt! Already feeling the freedom of not carrying that around anymore!
  • Looking forward to Story ’11 conference in Chicago later this fall.  Currently working on a very cool place for friends/family to stay while we attend.
  • Taking Felicity and friends/family to a Gungor concert for her birthday.  Making memories!
  • My Mom visited us last week.  Completely enjoyed spending time with her and realized (after she left) how our time together had re-energized me.  Amazing – do you have people who do this for you?  Are you someone who does this for others? This is one of my new goals for 2011.

How’s Your Theme?

Earlier this week I received an email from the 8bit Network saying that they were going to start a promotion today on their highly successful WordPress theme – Standard Theme.

Now maybe it’s too early in the day for you to be thinking about your blog, but I have to ask you – how’s your theme? Is it easy for visitors to use, look at, and navigate? Oh, sorry – maybe you haven’t even had your coffee yet, or maybe you’re like my daughter Macy who sometimes wakes and says “let’s go get me some bwekfast, okay!?”. Okay. But after you do get your breakfast or your coffee, you should seriously consider answering my question and checking out the 8Bit promotion.

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